Children’s Spirit Animal Stories – Volume II


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Based on the award-winning Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, teacher and author Dr. Steven D. Farmer makes the magical realm of animals come alive with Children’s Spirit Animal Stories Volume II. Some of civilization’s earliest records reveal humankind’s need to communicate important messages through stories about animals. We have marveled at animal power, been humbled by their innate beauty and intrigued with their abilities.

Animals demonstrate a truthful simplicity that we sometimes forget as we grow older and our world becomes more complicated. But our connection with nature can be restored as we listen to the inner voice that guides us and the life force that beats in all living things.

Children’s Spirit Animal Stories Volume II remind us that we are not separate from nature, but intricately woven into its complex tapestry. We are all part of the beautiful miracle of life on planet Earth.

“The art of storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communicating spiritual truths, conveying messages in ways that are naturally and intuitively understood. Children can easily relate to stories of how Spirit communicates through nature and particularly through animals.” ~ Dr. Steven D. Farmer

Children’s Spirit Animal Stories, Volume II contains four original stories:

  • Emma the Elephant Solves Her Problems 15:52 min
  • Carmella’s Dreams 17:24 min
  • Danny the Dolphin Joins The Parade 16:10 min
  • Jaden and the Unicorn 16:23 min

Total Running Time 65:49 min

Stories Read by Steven D. Farmer and Karen Stuth
Story Music and Sound Design by Barry Goldstein
Introductory Music by Steven D. Farmer
Mixed and Recorded at Monument Sound

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