Shamanic Drumming and Rattling


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Shamanic Drumming and Rattling

Shamanic drumming or rattling is the most common way for shamanic practitioners to journey to non-ordinary reality (NOR). Here you have a choice of either a drumming or rattling track, either of which will work. It’s just a matter of your personal preference.

The rhythm of the percussion is about 4-7 beats per second and studies have shown that after a few minutes, your brain will synchronize with the rhythm to a slow theta wave of 4-7 cycles per second. This trance state, termed the “shamanic state of consciousness” by Michael Harner, will assist you in traveling to NOR with your clear intention of what you’re seeking from your spirit helpers.

I would recommend that you have some prior experience with shamanic journeying before using these tracks, such as having done shamanic journeying, or you may get some experience by listening to and working with the guided meditation journeys, “Retrieving Your Power Animal” or “Getting Messages from an Animal Spirit Guide. Enjoy and may the spirits be with you!

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