Unlock your potential to heal and restore with Dr. Steven Farmer’s unique synthesis of therapeutic approaches.

Dr. Steven Farmer brings years of extensive training and study into his practice. An expert on a broad range of therapeutic techniques, he offers clients a unique and powerful synthesis of psychotherapy, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Tapping, and oracle card readings. This multi-modality structure allows Dr. Farmer to offer highly individualized and personalized therapeutic programs for his clients.

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Therapeutic Consultation

A personalized approach to healing, helping you resolve past trauma for increased happiness.

Virtual Consultation

Online therapy and counseling offers convenient access to psychospiritual healing services.

Spiritual Mentoring / Life Coaching

Personalized guidance in fulfilling your Life purpose.

Dr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, teacher, shamanic practitioner, and Soul Healer.

A best-selling author, licensed psychotherapist, ordained minister, and former college professor with three collegiate degrees, Dr. Farmer’s substantial knowledge base allows him to provide a superior and exceptional client experience.


Feedback from Dr. Steven Farmer’s clients.

Your gifts have and will continue to help many because of who you are. The world IS a better place for you, and your work clearly is expanding through those whom you have taught.

– Kristina M.

I want to thank you for your work. I have felt every one of your books deeply and I use your teachings in my life and with others every day. It was a great honor to be able to sit in one of your circles.

– Jennifer M.

I fully recommend that anyone with a problem, no matter how big or how small it may seem, go to Dr. Steven Farmer for a healing session. His compassion secures his success, and he leaves you feeling the same compassion for yourself and the world around you

– Scott R.


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Farmer’s events or trainings, showcasing his extensive experience in an array of therapeutic modalities.

Oracle Readings

Dr. Farmer offers oracle card readings, which can help to bring clarity to assist with decision making, and guide you through any obstacles.

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