About Spirit Animal Guides

Exploring Meaningful Relationships Beyond the Physical World

When we think of meaningful relationships in our lives, we may immediately think of our loved ones, friends, and families. While these relationships are of extreme value and importance, there are relationships beyond these that can provide so much meaning and value of their own to your life. 

In Shamanism, ancient knowledge teaches that not only do humans and animals exist in the physical world, they also exist in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is comprised of spirit guides, ancestors, angels, departed loved ones, animal spirit guides, and ascended masters. Spirit animals, also known as animal spirit guides, power animals, and totem animals are messengers in the form of animals that have a personal connection or relationship with an individual. 

You can have many animal spirit guides throughout your life. Generally, they come in and out of your life in moments of need to provide guidance, lessons, protection, balance, power, and/or wisdom. They can appear in the form of a physical interaction (crossing paths with them in the physical world), in dreams, in meditations, or in the form of pets. You can also use Dr. Farmer’s oracle cards, such as the Power Animal Oracle Cards or Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards to receive guidance from an animal spirit guide.

When a particular spirit animal stays with you for many years or even throughout your life it is termed a power or totem animal. Whichever spirit animal serves that purpose will depend on numerous factors, including the timing and direction of your life, specific occurrences that manifest, which phase of life you’re currently in, and which tasks you are responsible for completing. 

Shamans around the world have been relying on the guidance and wisdom of spirit animals for centuries. 

What Is My Power Animal?

The anticipation to know what your power animal is and when it will appear in your life can be aggravating. However, patience is key. You can summon your power animal if you set the intention, but you cannot choose it. Your power animal chooses you. 

A power animal will generally have repetitive encounters with you in different forms. Pay attention to the signs and your surroundings. Your power animal will generally reflect qualities and attributes you see in yourself, whether it be its demeanor, looks, traits, behaviors, actions, etc. 

You can choose to let your power animal come to you when it thinks is the right time, or you can ask the animal to show itself to you through intentional mindfulness. Another option is for Dr. Farmer to do a power animal retrieval for you so you can discover who that special animal spirit guide is that will be with you over many, many years.

How Do I Determine the Message from an Animal Spirit Guide? 

When an animal appears to you in an unusual way or repeatedly in a short period of time, whether in the physical realm or symbolically (as in a dream), Spirit has sent his animal to you to give you a message. There are a few ways to determine what the message is:

As a shamanic healer and spiritual mentor, Dr. Steven Farmer has the ability to help clients find, learn about, and connect with their spirit animals. To schedule an oracle reading or other spiritual service, email info@drstevenfarmer.com.