About Earth Magic

Magic Isn’t Just for Wizards

When you think of magic, what comes to mind? Wizards? Witches? Magicians? Did the Earth come to mind? Or even YOU? Yes, that’s right: you possess magic, but not in sense of casting spells and riding on broomsticks. 

The kind of magic Earth Magic refers to is associated with forging a deep connection with the Earth around us, and accessing its powers to help us heal and restore ourselves. 

Earth Magic may sound like a mysterious term, but it’s actually a subject that Dr. Steven Farmer has studied extensively and mastered. For those new to or unfamiliar with Earth Magic, below is some foundational knowledge on the subject. 

First, What Is Earth Magic?

As stated above, Earth Magic at its core is making a deep, profound connection with the Earth and all of its surroundings, whether man-made or natural. Earth is one the four main, cardinal elements–the others being air, water, and fire. Earth is feminine and associated with the north direction. The element of Earth is nurturing and abundant. It provides us with a home, food, bountiful beauty, and so much more, and is something that should be celebrated and appreciated. 

Once we appreciate all that Earth has provided for us, we can better understand how Earth and all of its magic can contribute to and benefit our lives. 

How to Practice Earth Magic?

There are many ways you can attract the magic of Earth: 

Create a Sacred Space

To really feel the full powers of Earth Magic, it is best to lead as natural of a life as possible. The first step to bringing Earth Magic into your life is creating an altar—a sacred, Earth-positive space. This space should have as many naturally occurring elements as possible, such as water, greenery, fire, fresh air, wood, pebbles, crystals, etc. Feel free to make this space unique to you while still staying true to Earth. Leave out as many man-made things as possible (if not altogether). In this space, you can meditate and harness the powers of Earth through intentional mindfulness.

Grow Vegetation

Growing natural things, such as food, flowers, and greenery, will deepen your connection with Earth. As you both grow and contribute to Earth’s magic, it’ll strengthen your bond with the Earth. You can meditate near your growing vegetation to feel the power and energy of their growth. 

Explore Ley Lines

Just like we have our own energy centers and chakras, so does Earth. Earth’s energy and magic flow through electrical currents in the form of ley lines, which can be thought of as Earth’s veins. Ley lines circle around the Earth and connect many important landmarks, natural wonders, ancient monuments, and megaliths. Ley lines are thought to be the way in which Earth transports, spreads, and shares of all its magic and energy around the world. The intersection points of ley lines are thought to possess high concentrations of energy and electrical current. Visiting these points of intersection will give you the opportunity to experience a heightened level of present Earth Magic.

Living on a natural convergence will give you access to an abundance of Earth Magic on a daily basis, and allow you and your vegetation to flourish. 

Earth Magic Oracle Cards

Sometimes, the messages and guidance that Earth is trying to send us through its elements can be on the obscure side. Dr. Steven Farmer has developed 48, comprehensive Earth Magic oracle cards that will allow you to uncover the guidance and advice you’ve been seeking. 

For those that are more experienced or would like to perform this ritual independently, these cards are available for purchase. The purchase includes a guidebook that shows you how to read the cards, as well as expands upon the oracle card meanings. 

For those that are new to Earth Magic or would like an experienced practitioner’s guidance, Dr. Steven Farmer offers in-person and online spiritual readings that can help deepen and strengthen your connection with Earth Magic. To schedule your appointment, email info@drstevenfarmer.com

To get a feel for what an Earth Magic oracle card reading will be like, visit Dr. Farmer’s virtual oracle cards page and try a virtual oracle reading free.