The Star Of Summer

Celebrating the dog days While our brothers and sisters in the southern hemisphere are experiencing the middle of winter, those of us here in the northern hemisphere are approaching the “dog days” of summer. This is a period between early July on into the first days of September, when summer is at its hottest—and from…

A Look at Lammas and Lughnasadh – Two Festivals. One Day.

The heat of summer is at its most intense. The fields are rich with crops. Yet, there’s the knowledge that the days are gradually getting shorter and the sun’s force weakening. Time, then, for not one festival, but two. Lammas and Lughnasadh both fall on August 1. As a result, they are often mentioned together….

Ways You Can Celebrate The Summer Solstice

21st June. The Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. One of the eight seasonal holidays that mark the circle of life. But also a turning point. The beginning of the growth of the dark. A time when the nights begin to lengthen and thoughts begin to turn to fall and winter. I talk…

Memorable May Days

Music. Dancing. Passion. Beltane (also known as May Day) is a time for celebration and commemoration for spiritualists everywhere. In my book, Sacred Ceremony I dedicate a whole chapter to the events and traditions that mark this holiday at the start of May: ‘It’s the season for the Maypole and for May baskets. The dance…

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