The Sun and the Summer Solstice

Learn about how to honor and celebrate both equinoxes and solstices by participating in festivals, celebrations, and sacred ceremonies.

How Spirit Animals Connect With Us

Learn how your visual, auditory, sensory, kinesthetic, and cognitive senses can connect and understand the subtle ways spirit animals communicate with us.

Everyday Holiness: Infusing Spirit in Daily Life

The season of Spring is rampant with the themes and symbols of rebirth and resurrection. Its arrival is accompanied by various rituals and ceremonies that reflect and honor the attributes of the season. Given the number of festivities, April can arguably be called one of the holiest of months. Although the term holiness is typically…

Why the Spring Equinox Isn’t the Start of Spring

Many of us might think that the Spring Equinox on March 21st, the day the sun crosses the Earth’s equator, marks the beginning of Spring.

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