Mentoring Life Coaching

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need the assistance of an experienced guide, an Elder who has traveled the road ahead and can offer you the benefit of the wisdom gained from life experience and the skills to help you clear any obstacles that interfere with fulfilling your Life Purpose. This is particularly true during major life transitions, ones where you are being asked to shed old habits and ways of being to allow the new to emerge into the next cycle of your life.

When you find Spirit is urging you to develop and deepen your spirituality or when you find shamanism calling to you like an ancient ancestral voice, then it’s time to heed the call and follow that urge by working with a mentor.

Guided by Master Teacher and Healer Dr. Steven Farmer, this private one-to-one mentorship is intended for those who seek to deepen their spirituality and explore shamanic realities and practices.  In the free preliminary 30 minute interview you’ll have a chance to discuss your interest and motivation in doing the private mentorship with Dr. Farmer with no obligation. If accepted into the program and you decide to go forward, he’ll set up the initial appointment to start your mentorship and enter into a new phase of your life!

Once you begin the mentorship in the first full session Steven will assess with you what your goals and intentions are and help you develop those into a framework of action, tracking and supporting you every step of the way. Since each person is unique, the structure and content of the program will be determined based on your particular goals and intentions and will be adjusted as necessary as you progress.

There are three choices you have:

Three session package consists of(no preliminary interview required):

The three month program consists of:

The six month program consists of:

Whichever choice you make, your commitment is to:

What you can expect to gain:

Ready to move forward with your life?


Preliminary Interview (30 minutes)                                          Free

All sessions are one hour either in person at Dr. Farmer’s office or online with Zoom. Payment in full is due prior to starting the program. You can make payment through check, wire transfer, or PayPal (which has the option to pay by credit card).

3 session package   $650 Paid in full (prior to starting program)

3 month program      $1499 Paid in full (prior to starting the program)

6 month program      $3300 Paid in full (prior to starting the program)

For more information, to sign up for the 3-session package or to book your 30-min strategy session to plan your 3 or 6 month program email info@drstevenfarmer.com.