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Dr. Steven Farmer (aka Doc Steven) has put together a collection of ten of his original songs in a demo CD that is now available. Many of these songs are highly personal and given that he considers himself a wordsmith, the lyrics are especially meaningful.

The CD was produced and recorded at his home studio in Laguna Beach, mastered by Maxwell Neal. With the exception of “Breathe (Again)”—a collaboration with Martin Jordan—all songs were written and performed by Dr. Steven Farmer.

Tracks Include:

  1. Like a Tree in the Wind
  2. Breathe (Again)
  3. I Believe in You
  4. Daddy’s Girl
  5. To Be With You (In the Light)
  6. Good to See You Again
  7. Looking Out For You
  8. Call of the Wild
  9. Squared Away
  10. Should I Trust You with My Heart

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