Receiving Messages from the Spirits of Nature

Sep 10, 2021
6PM-7:30 PM
Mystic Dream Center Henderson, NV

Spirit is always communicating with us in so many different ways and all that is required is to fine tune your hearing, seeing, and sensing what is being communicated. Plants, trees, animals, minerals, and the landscape itself will reveal messages to you that will support your Life path. Join Dr. Farmer to discover how you can readily receive guidance and healing from the natural world just as our long-ago ancestors did.

Dr. Farmer will discuss:

Come with an open mind and an open heart and you will rediscover the innocence and wonder that it takes to listen and really hear with all your senses what Spirit is saying to you via the Spirits of Nature.

90 minute presentation that includes  book signing

Friday 6-7:30-$20- September 10, Mystic Dream Center – Henderson, Nevada (DEAL ALERT:  ONLY $65 for both Friday and Saturday)

To register go HERE.


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