Messages from the Spirits of Nature Workshop

Sep 11, 2021
Mystic Dream Center Henderson, NV

The natural world around us is a place of beauty and continual dynamic interaction, one in which all things are interrelated in a delicate and ever-changing balance of forces. We can come to know the world around us in a different way by forming harmonious relationships with the Spirits of Nature. These are the Spirit Beings that exist in all of Nature no matter what name is given to them or what etheric form they take. Some traditional communities even believe that every element of Earth is the physical expression of ancestral spirits.

We can commune with these spirits and they can teach us in so many ways, whether the spirit of a plant, tree, animal, or mineral. Science has shown that plants can perceive and will respond to environmental cues, such as when there is a threat. Like humans and animals, when a plant’s nervous system becomes overwhelmed, they will “faint’” or shut down. Researcher Cleve Baxter termed these characteristics “primary perception,” as opposed to extra sensory perception, because the plants’ responses were something more fundamental, below the usual senses of humans and animals.

Join us for this powerful workshop where you’ll learn how to communicate with spirits of Nature to receive guidance and healing. Come with an open mind and an open heart and through experiential processes you’ll rediscover the innocence and wonder that it takes to listen and really hear with all your senses what Spirit is saying to you. We’ll also use Dr. Farmer’s just released Earth Magic Oracle Cards as well as other methods for getting messages from the natural world. For part of the class you will be outside so dress accordingly.

Bring a small amount of loose tobacco (I’ll have some), a rattle of any kind, and a bandanna or scarf. Get ready for a memorable experience!

* Workshop attendees will also receive a complimentary ticket to a 90-minute preceding evening talk and book signing (regularly $20).

Call 702.272.1319 to reserve your spot.

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