Into the Jungle (Part Two)

As I’d mentioned in part one, we’d stopped at a lodge in the Cloud Forest over halfway on our journey to the land of the Machiguenga in the Amazon. It was an eight-hour ride over very bumpy roads and at times when I’d look down we’d be so close the edge that I couldn’t see…

Into the Jungle (Part 3) – The Journey Continues

So over two days of travel, a combination of rough roads and a long trip on the river, we settled into our rather surprisingly comfortable accommodations in the Amazon Basin. We were in the part of the jungle that was Machiguenga territory; where there was a Traditional Medicine Lodge constructed a couple of years ago….

Into the Jungle (Part 4) – Just Listen

“Shh. Just listen . . .” Her soft, gentle, loving voice also carried with it an authority that I could not resist. When prompted like this, I would quiet my mind and allow myself to be taken by the spirit of Ayahuasca, the shamanic medicine whose brew I had ingested over an hour ago. The…

Into the Jungle (Part 5) – Healing the Mother Wound

There we were, Jesseca and I, in the heart of the Peruvian jungle in the Amazon Basin hours away from civilization, preparing for the third and final night of journeying with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. I’d described in previous articles how the first two journeys were disappointing, as the brew had not been properly prepared….

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