Stories and Songs with Dr. Steven Farmer on the Healing for Your Soul Podcast

Stories and Songs with Doc Steven

Discover the multifaceted talents of your podcast host Dr. Steven Farmer, an accomplished Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and, as he reveals in this episode, songwriter, guitarist and singer! Channeling his alter ego, Doc Steven, he plays some of his original songs and shares a little about the experiences and life events that inspired them.


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  • Let world-renowned author, teacher, psychotherapist, and shamanic practitioner Dr. Steven Farmer support you on your path to wholeness and spiritual growth. Learn how to unleash your true potential and break free from the barriers hindering your higher purpose. Dr. Farmer delves into topics such as forging a profound connection with the spirits of nature, overcoming life's obstacles, healing from deep-rooted traumas, and incorporating empowering shamanic principles and practices into your daily life. Each episode is packed with valuable insights that will enrich your life and bring about meaningful transformations. Listen in for fascinating guests, conversation, and music to help you as you move through life’s transitions.