The Path of the Shaman


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Explore the role of the Shaman and connect with your Spirit Guides, Allies and Ancestors as you learn to enact sacred ceremonies and bring Shamanism into your everyday life!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Walk the path of Spirit and unleash yourself from the limitations of your ego
  • Journey to the Lower World to meet your Power Animals and get answers from them and your Spirit Guides
  • Travel to these other worlds at will to receive wisdom and healing to bring back to your everyday reality for yourself and others
  • Through sacred ceremony, shamanic journeys, and connecting with your ancestors, develop your capacity to receive direct revelation – guidance that can come from Spirit in any number of forms, both visible and non-visible
  • Heal and clear anything that may interfere with receiving, trusting, and acting on this guidance
  • Bring forth and enact a ceremony to release obstacles that inhibit the full expression of your life purpose