Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals


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Nearly everyone has marveled at animals in nature or developed a deep bond with an animal companion . . . and THEN there are those startling moments in which these sentient beings show up for us as spirit helpers in animal form. They innately share their medicine and it guides, protects or heals us in a profound way.

Read true stories of individuals’ encounters with animals—in real life, in dreams, or symbolically. Our authors share what spirit animals have taught or showed them by appearing in the most unexpected and profound ways as allies to guard, guide, help or heal them; or how they asked Great Spirit to reveal a solution and the perfect spirit animal undeniably showed up and delighted them with their responses.

Dr. Steven Farmer reveals how these shamanic encounters re-establish our connection to the animal world and the world of Spirit, affirming that they truly are our brothers and sisters. Learn the purpose of spirit animals, what forms they take, how to connect with them, and much more.