Listening to the Messages from the Earth with Eva Black Tail Swan and Dr. Steven Farmer on the Healing for Your Soul Podcast

Listening to the Messages from the Earth with Eva Black Tail Swan, Cherokee Medicine Elder

Steven’s guest this week is his much-cherished, long-time friend Eva Black Tail Swan. Eva’s ability to listen closely to the expressions of Spirit, whether they manifest through the natural world or non-visible beings such as ancestors, has given rise to her remarkable spiritual journey.

With unwavering dedication, Eva has made it her life’s practice to immerse herself in an intimate communion with nature, opening herself to a deep connection to the voices of Spirit, and capturing them in written form to be shared with the world.

About Steven’s Guest: Eva Black Tail Swan is a Cherokee medicine elder, shaman, spiritual teacher and profoundly gifted intuitive. As a young child, Eva was called to work as a voice for Creator. Although her faith in and devotion to Creator had always been forefront and strong, in the early 1980’s she experienced a very personal, difficult transformation and has since walked a continuous path of spiritual growth and enlightenment that includes sharing her spiritual journey with others.


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