How Improvisation Fuels Creativity And Dynamic Experiences with Devin Dugan and Dr. Steven Farmer on the Healing for Your Soul Podcast

How Improvisation Fuels Creativity and Dynamic Experiences with Devin Dugan

In this episode, Steven sits down for a discussion with Devin, the brilliant mind behind the resounding success of ImprovCity, an acclaimed improvisational theater located in Orange County, California. They delve into Devin’s extensive background in this exhilarating art form, his passion for spontaneity and creativity, and the diverse array of strategies and techniques he employs to orchestrate impromptu and dynamic entertainment experiences.

About Steven’s Guest: Devin Dugan is a screenwriter who has won both national and international film festival awards. He has also directed stage plays, web series, sketch shows and films. Devin is also the owner and artistic director of ImprovCity, a multi-award winning improv comedy troupe based out of Orange County, CA.


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