Q: How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing is a broad term that has varying degrees of meaning to people from different walks of life. In short, it’s about finding a connection with something greater than yourself. It does not necessarily refer to religion. Spiritual healing can take place within a friendship, a community, or in moments of quiet contemplation. Typical results are an increased awareness of the sacredness of all Life and a renewed relationship with the Higher Self. At its center, spiritual healing is about restoring, harmonizing, and balancing our spirit, and reconnecting with our soul.

There are many different types of spiritual healing processes:

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is defined as the transferring of energy from one person to another through appropriate physical touch. The healer holds the clear and focused intention of relieving the individual’s emotional, psychological, or physical suffering by placing their hands on the client’s body as guided by their Higher Self and allowing the power of Spirit to be channeled to the client. Both the client and healer stay very still and focus on the transfer of energy. At minimum the client feels more relaxed and comforted while maximally, the client is relieved of their troubling condition.


There is considerable anecdotal evidence on the power of prayer. This form of healing relies on divine intervention. It can be performed while the individual is present or can be done remotely.

Remote Healing

As the name implies, this spiritual healing process is performed from a physical distance between the healer and the client. This is a great option when, for whatever reason, the client cannot be seen in person, or for clients who feel uncomfortable with close physical contact. 

Non-Contact Energy Healing

This spiritual healing method is a form of healing where the client is with the healer with no direct physical contact. The healer’s hands always remain about 2-3 inches away from the client’s body. The healer directs energy to the patient’s aura and to their spirit where the healing takes place. Many people prefer this form of spiritual healing due to its less-intrusive, yet still very effective, nature.

Aside from restoring, harmonizing, and balancing our spirit, reconnecting with our soul, and learning how to heal, there are many other benefits of spiritual healing, including:

Contrary to common belief, spiritual healing is quite compatible with conventional (allopathic) medicine and does not interfere with any medical treatment. In fact, spiritual healing may enhance the conventional medical approach and a balanced combination of the two can yield exceptional results. This “spirit-meets-science” approach is one Dr. Steven Farmer has been specializing in for many years. His vast array of knowledge in psychotherapeutic techniques and spiritual healing methods give him the unique ability to use both practices to achieve maximum effectiveness for each client. 

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