Eagle, Lake, Synchronicities, and Signs

“Synchronicity is a coincidence where God remains anonymous”

I was considering what to post on Facebook and Instagram as I’m being called to do, my first thought was perhaps some image of Eagle with a quote, something about Eagle Medicine—vision, keeping perspective, looking at the broad picture, etc. Eagle had been lurking in my consciousness for a couple days so I figured it was important, but I didn’t find anything suitable, so instead I decided to draw a card from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

The card that showed up was Lake (see the image above) with the key word being Stillness. I was startled at first because I had just pulled that card two days ago and posted it on Instagram!! The synchronicity of it meant it was doubly important. Jung called a synchronicity “. . . an unpredictable moment of meaningful coincidence.” Another definition of synchronicity is a coincidence where God remains anonymous.

Here’s the message from the accompanying guidebook:
. . . there’s no need to be a prisoner to the “hurry up” syndrome. Nor is there a need to feel trapped by your felt awareness of the collective intensities that massive numbers of humans are experiencing these days.
No matter if the noise is from your environment or from your seemingly non-stop thinking, it’s critical now that you find stillness. Find it in your world, whether a special place in your home or a place in Nature that’s away from human made noise. Of particular importance is finding it inside yourself, which can be made easier by being in a quiet place in Nature. Doing so not only relaxes your mind but also heightens your awareness and your senses.

Solid advice for any time, but especially during this era we’re in. I pondered this and felt moved to draw a second card. The second card gave me another pleasant surprise. It was . . . Eagle! The key word here was Communion (see the image below). The fact that Eagle brother had been floating around in my consciousness for a couple days elicited a smile as I said out loud, “Of course!”—surprised but not surprised. Again, like the message from the Lake card, it speaks to us loud and clear:

Eagle spirit is often associated with the highest and the noblest, the encouragement and support to let our spirits soar. Through this communion we know that we can touch the sky. We know that we can be more than just two-leggeds clinging to the ground. We’re intimately connected and related with all expressions of life here on this planet and its through communing with any expression of life that we realize how vitally connected we all are.”

Whenever you experience a heartfelt communion with some physical expression of life—plant, animal, or anything else formed of the Earth—it’s only then that you can truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is before you. It is only a matter of the differences in form. There is an essence that is articulated into the physical world in a multitude of ways that is the same in everything and everyone, although manifesting in different shapes and character. Yet at the core it’s a spiritual force that animates.
Communion with Nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation with any animal or plant that is nearby. Relax your body as much as possible, breathe consciously, and keep your attention on that which you are communing with.

After a few moments, you’ll notice a sense of the boundaries dissolving, a melding of the “I’ and “Thou.” You may even get messages or impressions as you find yourself in the flow of unspoken communication between

I trust these messages will be helpful to you during these critical times. Abundant blessings to you!!

Stay tuned for more and be sure to check out my Facebook page, Dr Steven Farmer, for continual updates.

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