Conscious Journaling and Downloading

Pondering the nature of life, death and all that’s in between is a frequent hobby of mine. Occasional revelations, insights, and reminders roll through my consciousness, as well as communications from what I call my spiritual team — a few ordinarily non-visible spirit guides such as Teacher, Ancestors, Raven, and an elder Ancestor named Ana’o’oto, that provide coaching and advisement.

Almost every morning I engage in a sacred ritual of journaling, writing on my computer a report of what’s going on in my world — somewhat like a diary. This sometimes triggers questions that I want to bring to my team. After journaling, I pause briefly, remove my hands from the keyboard, take a few breaths, then move to part 2 of my practice — transcribing what I call “downloads”.

At this stage, I’m in a slightly altered state of consciousness, one I’m quite familiar with, having practiced and experienced this for several years. In this altered state, one or more of my guides inevitably comes through and communicates messages to me that I record by typing on the keyboard with my eyes closed. Although I used to handwrite these messages from Spirit in whatever way they came, for the last several years, I’ve learned to record these in my online journal. I’m often surprised and feel very grateful when I open my eyes and read what’s been written. I then take a few minutes to consider what was communicated and let it sink in.

I suppose it could be called channeling, but I prefer the term transcribing, like a secretary typing what their boss is dictating. Often, they are very directive, telling me what I need to do with no ambiguity. They can also be very supportive and encouraging and will offer messages that are intended not just for me, but for me to pass along to others. Sometimes they offer simple reminders, advice to keep me on my purpose.

Here’s a sample from March 16, 2023. When I opened the 2023 journal, I randomly scrolled through it and this is what came up. It is a communication from the Ancestors, which is more precisely a group of ancestors called the Ancestral Council. (Kera is a name they gave me a while ago):

Wallowing in judgment is like wallowing in filth and debris. Making judgments? Of course, you do! You’re a human being with a mind that captures all the trash in there, especially when it comes to assessments of others or of the circumstances that have presented themselves to you. Let these judgments that pop up first be brought to your awareness as soon as possible. Then allow them to go through the “in” door and after a brief visit, exit through the “out” door.

Kera, you’ve developed an adeptness at letting go of what was and moving into the frame and attention to what is. Allow that to develop even further. Humans need to do so, to find the exit as quickly as possible and move back into presence.

This one was a good reminder to be aware of judgments I make about myself and about others. The Council also reminds us of our humanness and that we will make judgments. It’s a given that we will do so, yet also to not to get stuck in them. It’s more about getting back to being fully present. Besides, most judgments I make of others are a reflection of something in myself that I have judged and decreed unacceptable — a “not I”, buried in the deeper strata of my shadow selves such that I’m completely unaware of this reflective characteristic. Recognizing this can help you to own this characteristic that is being shown to you by others.

For instance, an easy one to work with is judgments we have about other drivers on the road. I’m sure you can discover some examples of this when you are driving somewhere, such as, “they’re driving too fast,” or “they’re driving way too slow.” You get the picture!

If you’re curious about the process I described of journaling and downloading, I urge you to give it a try. Experiment with it. If handwriting feels better to you, do it that way. Either way, once you’ve expressed your thoughts in your usual state of consciousness, relax and breathe slowly and deeply before calling on your guide or guides to relay their advice or a response to a question you have. I trust that you’ll find their counsel quite valuable and also, very practical to keep you on your Life Path!

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