ConsultationEarth Magic® Healing Sessions with Dr. Steven Farmer

As a Master Healer, Dr. Farmer brings a unique approach to healing in these private consultations, tailored to an individual’s needs. It incorporates shamanic, spiritual, and psychotherapeutic methodologies tailored to your particular needs.. Typically the session will start with an Earth Magic® intuitive reading using his oracle cards, and if this is primarily what you’re seeking, he will continue to expand on the reading through the remainder of the session. However if you’re also seeking healing, the session will evolve from there.

Steven brings his many years of experience as a Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Healer, psychotherapist, and trauma recovery specialist into service on your behalf. “My purpose as a healer is to relieve suffering and I have the good fortune to have acquired a number of tools in my “medicine kit” to accomplish that purpose. Not only for the client, but also the human community, the animals, plants, the land, and the Earth.”

Shamanic treatments, which are found universally in shamanic and indigenous cultures and increasingly in contemporary cultures, may include (but not limited to):

Soul Retrieval—Soul loss can occur for any number of reasons, but primarily happens during a traumatic, overwhelming experience. You don’t lose your entire soul but instead a soul fragment splits off from your soul body. That fragment may return spontaneously or may remain in non-ordinary reality, sometimes for years. This is particularly true when the precipitating incident occurs in childhood, when we’re most vulnerable. The shaman’s task with the assistance of his spirit helpers is to find and return the soul fragment, thus creating a greater sense of wholeness for the client.

Power Animal Retrieval—Ancient cultures and indigenous people today typically are aligned at birth with a spirit helper in the form of an animal called a power animal. This spirit animal is a source of power, protection, and guidance. It may be lost along the way (through no fault of the person) due to lack of cultural support. The shaman’s task is to find, retrieve, and restore the power animal for the client. It may be one lost early in life or another that is more suitable for the individual at this time in their lives.

Shamanic Extraction—The shaman’s task here with the guidance of his spirit helpers is to find and remove any spiritual intrusions that have attached to the soul body. These are constellations of energy that simply don’t belong, typically generated by the individual’s obsessive thought patterns and/or a response to some external, typically aggressive, encroachment. It’s possible for these intrusions to be the spiritual source of various emotional, mental, and physical maladies. They can range from relatively mild to moderate intrusions, and though relatively rare, all the way to spirit possession.

Clearing Ancestral Patterns—We carry with us certain family patterns, both life positive and life negative, that have been handed down through the generations. Those self-defeating and self-destructive patterns you’ve inherited through your lineage can be healed such that you are no longer subject to their undesirable effects. This clearing not only benefits the ancestors and yourself but also your descendants such that they no longer have to contend with these unhealthy patterns. With the help of the ancestors, Dr. Farmer employs techniques that can help unravel and clear these patterns, whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, leading to greater health and wholeness.

Some of the additional psychospiritual treatments Dr. Farmer utilizes depending on the client’s needs are:

Hypnotherapy—Having trained extensively in hypnosis and hypnotherapy from the earliest days as a professional healer, Dr. Farmer can address a variety of concerns with this powerful tool.  The client identifies their particular issue or condition and if hypnosis is the proper tool, relaxes into a trance (an altered state of consciousness) in which the usual conscious processing is bypassed in order to access the wisdom and power of the subconscious mind.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)—This method is very effective for recovery from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Through the use of bilateral eye movements, sounds, or tapping, the intense activation of visual, auditory, and body memories is gradually desensitized to where the “charge” is minimalized and a fresh perspective on the memory emerges.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)—This process involves tapping specific acupressure points while saying out loud your thoughts associated with a disturbing condition or memory. These are replaced with positive affirmations that serve to realign the body’s energy system. Similar to EMDR, it helps balance the emotional brain and the rational brain so that the charge is reduced or eliminated regarding specific events. It has also been shown to be effective for many other psychological, emotional and even physical conditions. One of the advantages is that given the proper coaching, anyone can learn the basic technique and use it on their own.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)—Designed to reset and restore the autonomic nervous system to its more fluid and natural state by releasing the trapped energy in the body through detailed attention to bodily sensations and movements. The client is gently guided through the identified traumatic memories while alternating their attention between these and more pleasant, positive associations. This process gradually unwinds the nervous system, freeing it from the constraints of the psychological, emotional, and physiological adaptations that were instinctively triggered to survive the overwhelming experience.

Shamanic Breathwork—Similar to Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Breathwork is a process of rapid and conscious breathing for approximately one and a half hours that induces an altered state of consciousness. In the process emotional blockages are cleared to allow pleasurable feelings to emerge, sometimes resulting in profoundly ecstatic states. This results in an integration of your feelings transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of pleasure. It’s likely you’ll have profound spiritual experiences as well.

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