Spiritual Mentoring Program: Online & TELE-COURSE


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Spiritual Mentoring Program:  ON-LINE & TELE-COURSE

“The real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth.”
– Thich Naht Hahn

Who am I? What’s my life purpose? How do I deal with these rapidly changing times? How does spirituality fit in my every day life? How do I know when I’m getting guidance from Spirit? Who can I trust for spiritual guidance? What is “earth-based” spirituality?

It’s these and other questions that many people are asking, searching for answers that are more deeply satisfying than contemporary religious and spiritual dogma has provided. The dramatic changes that are taking place on the Earth and in human consciousness are inviting us to step up to the next phase of our evolution, one that incorporates earth-based spiritual principles and practices as an integral part of our life.

As an important aspect of this evolutionary process, we must learn to rely less on hierarchical systems of spiritual enlightenment and more on developing our capacity to receive direct revelation. Although this inspiration may emerge from different sources, ultimately it is the One Source, whether called Creator, God, Spirit, Source, or any other name, that is addressing us through any number of forms, both visible and non-visible. It’s in our hearts that we are able to feel this Presence and know that we are truly one with Source.

Spirit communicates to us in any number of ways; it’s truly a matter of learning to be a better listener. A mentor serves as a guide or coach to help access this kind of guidance—to become a “better listener”. This is what Dr. Farmer is offering.

Dr. Farmer has been prompted to offer his guidance in a program that is both structured and adapted to your particular needs. He brings his wisdom and experience based on a lifetime of active spiritual pursuits and now has reached a point in his life where he can offer the guidance and mentoring for those feeling the need.

Dr. Farmer takes a very practical and grounded approach to spirituality. “I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that enable me to provide you inspiration, advice, and counsel that is specific to your unique needs. Through this twelve week training you will have deepened your faith and have learned to discern the Voice of Spirit as it communicates to you in all the myriad ways it seeks to teach and guide you along your Life path, thus enabling you to fulfill your soul’s purpose.”

Through your participation in this program Dr. Farmer will help you:

* Integrate spirituality into everyday life
* Discern messages from Spirit via direct revelation
* Examine and release beliefs about spirituality that no longer work and
build new ways of operating that WILL work
* Use the healing power of forgiveness
* Create true abundance in your life
* Discover who your spirit guides are and how to contact them

FEE: $999.


This program involves a twelve-week commitment. An initial deposit of $500 is due prior to starting the program. The balance of $499 is due 30 days following.


  • Initial 30-minute interview via phone, Skype, or in person. There is no cost or obligation for this interview. Its purpose is to determine whether the mentorship program is right for you.
  • If accepted into the program, client will be presented with contract detailing the commitments required for the program.
  • There will be three 60 minute sessions by phone, Skype, or in person each month.
  • Client will have homework assigned following each session.
  • Client will keep a journal of his or her process.
  • Client will submit an entry to Dr. Farmer via email.
  • Dr. Farmer will respond to entry within 48 hours.
  • Following the completion of the twelve weeks there will be one follow up email conversation one month following.

Following the completion of the entire program, client will receive a copy of certification.
Client will receive a copy of Earth Magic, Earth Magic Oracle Cards, and Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals.

COVER ART of “Silent Wisdom” by Sundara Fawn.

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