VIRTUAL Gathering of the Shamans

Mar 21, 2021

This is a live video gathering held over the weekend of the Spring Equinox. Led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, don Miguel Jr and don Jose Ruiz, HeatherAsh Amara, and other leading teachers, this online weekend event is designed to invite you into a deep experience of your own true nature using time-honored shamanic practices.


• INTERACTIVE workshops with leading shamanic teachers and healers
Video Replays for all sessions so you won’t miss a thing and can watch again as often as you like for up to six months
• Saturday Night powerful Shamanic Breathwork® experience with Linda Star Wolf!
• And more…

The Gathering of the Shamans is an annual event held in Sedona that always sells out months in advance. This year, due to COVID restrictions, you can experience the power of these interactive sessions without leaving your home or budgeting for airfare, lodging, etc.!

I’ll be teaching a workshop on Healing Ancestral Shame. Any toxic shame that you have is not only the result of your childhood experiences but also the effect of it being passed along through your lineage. In my workshop you’ll learn to distinguish toxic vs. healthy shame vs. guilt, and engage in processes where you will offer healing to those ancestors that most strongly carried toxic shame. In turn, they will return that healing to you so you can free yourself and your descendants from the debilitating effect of toxic shame. Healing this benefits you, your ancestors, and your descendants.

We hope that you can join us for this extraordinary invitation into deeper healing, transformation, and joy!

Secure Your Spot  HERE.


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