Soul Healing Intensive-Clearing Psychic Debris and Finding Your Lost Soul Pieces

Oct 12, 2019
East West Books, Seattle

 Here’s a great opportunity to not only clear out the psychic debris that has attached to your soul body as you journeyed through life but also retrieve and reintegrate those soul fragments that were lost along the way. Just like a river can be obstructed from flowing smoothly, energetic intrusions can attach to your soul body such that the flow of Life force is inhibited. As the energy channels in your soul body clear, you’ll find you’ll more easily manifest that which is necessary to support your soul’s purpose and be in greater alignment with Spirit’s intent.

      As well, your soul can have parts that have split off along your journey such that they remain separated, lost and not able to find their way home. When you undergo a traumatic experience as a child or adult, it’s possible that a piece of your soul fragmented for safekeeping and remains lost in the etheric realm of non-ordinary reality. When you undergo this kind of soul loss you may experience feelings of alienation, dissociation, forgetfulness, lethargy, depression, and/or psychic numbness. You’re still able to function but it often feels like something is missing.

      Through some exercises and guided journeys Steven will first show you how you can clear the psychic debris attached to your soul body. Then with the support and assistance of your spirit helpers he’ll guide you in finding and recovering one or more soul fragments and show you how you can fully integrate them. As the lost soul fragments reintegrate, you’ll find yourself with a greater sense of personal power, presence, and fulfillment. With a greater sense of wholeness, you will be more fully prepared to offer your unique gifts to your family, community, and the Earth.

$77 Location:  East West Books, Seattle. October 12, 2019 10:30am-1:30pm.  For more information or to register go HERE or call 206-523-3726.


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