Living the Shamanic Way: Finding Purpose, Passion and Power

Mar 24, 2019
The Art of Retreat Living Center

Do you have a clear sense of your life purpose? What about your relationship with power—with true power, spiritual power? What are you truly passionate about? In this workshop you will discover answers to these questions and many others by learning and applying shamanic practices that you can integrate into your life and your work.

Whether you’re new to shamanism or have had some previous training, here’s a great opportunity to deepen your experience and understanding of shamanic realities. While many people think shamanism is only for a select few who have been called, this is absolutely not the case. Many more people from all walks of life are heeding the call and incorporating these ancient earth-based spiritual practices as a way of life.

Drawing from a wealth of ancient wisdom and knowledge can not only provide a balanced spiritual focus woven into your daily life, but also if you’re a healer it can expand and augment your healing methodologies. Dr. Steven Farmer will show you how to integrate these principles and practices into your daily life such that you can fully live the shamanic way.

You will:

  • Discover and experience the four ways of inducing the shamanic state of consciousness
  • Journey to non-ordinary reality (NOR) for guidance and healing
  • Experience a Shamanic Breathwork session.
  • Discover your soul’s true purpose and how it expresses as your mission.
  • Discover how to access spiritual power and use it in service.
  • Find out how to contact and build a relationship with your power animals and other spiritual helpers
  • Learn ways to receive accurate guidance from the spirits of nature

You will return from this workshop rejuvenated, enthusiastic, and able to readily integrate these experiences in practical ways in your life!

Please bring with you a drum or rattle (if you have one available), and eye mask, and a yoga mat.

Location is the beautiful Art of Living Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Caroline.

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