Healing with the Ancestors

Oct 11, 2019
East West Books, Seattle

The modern science of epigenetics is providing evidence that the patterns of self-sabotage, isolation, chronic illness, depression, addiction, challenges in relationship or an inability to prosper can typically be traced back to unhealed ancestral wounding. This “ancestral karma” is programmed into our DNA and causes us to unconsciously recreate situations which have occurred in our family lineage. Empaths, those who are especially sensitive, are the most vulnerable to taking on these patterns without being aware of the roots of these conditions. Fortunately we’re now living in a time when we can heal these wounds. This deep level of healing not only releases us but flows both backwards and forwards across the generations.

      Join Dr. Steven Farmer for this evening presentation where you will find out how this ancestral karma has affected you and more importantly, steps you can take to heal these wounds that you carry from the programming in your DNA. Steven will lead you in in a guided journey where you can heal a particular condition with the help of the ancestors, one that will affect a healing not only for yourself, but for the ancestor you work with and for any descendants.

Friday, October 11, 2019, 7-8:30pm $20  LOCATION:  East West Books, Seattle.  For more information or  to register go HERE or call 206-523-3726.


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