Healing Ancestral Shame

Nov 9, 2021
7:00 - 9:00 PM CST

Any toxic shame you have is not only the result of your childhood experiences but also the effect of it being passed along through your lineage. Unlike other cultures and indigenous communities, it is only recently that Western culture is paying heed to the influence of ancestors and how this shows up in family patterns. This is particularly true of toxic shame that can diminish your sense of worthiness and feeling okay just as you are.

Heal from toxic shame by:

  1. Finding out the difference between toxic shame versus healthy shame
  2. Discovering which of your lineages carries the most toxic shame
  3. Engaging in a mutual healing with an ancestor
  4. Passing this healing along to your descendants and/or other family members
  5. Enact a ceremony to release the intergenerational shame with the assistance of Grandmother Moon.

Bring an open heart, a sheet of paper and pen, and a willingness to give and receive healing.

This course is only available on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. The course will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it at your convenience.

This is a virtual event sponsored by Infinity Foundation in Seattle. For more information and/or to register, go here.


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