Earth Magic® Practitioner Certification Program

This intensive certification program is designed for those who want to develop their intuitive and spiritual healing skills to be certified as an Earth Magic® Practitioner. At the core of this training is shamanism, the most ancient healing methodology known to us, one that relies on the wisdom and direction of one’s spirit guides in providing service to the individual, community, and the land.

You will not only learn and practice universal shamanic skills that can help heal physical and emotional illness but also some contemporary modalities that will enhance your capacities as an Earth Magic® Healer. Whether this is for your personal growth or to honor a calling to be a spiritual teacher and healer, you will come away a different person, one fully prepared to apply these skills in your work and in your life. In fact, it will likely become a way of life

I want only individuals who have been called to do this work and who are willing to make the necessary commitment. It’s a critical juncture we’re at in our relationship with the planet, and the practice of Earth Magic® encompasses the right skills and attitudes for this era in our evolution. Not only will you gain tremendous benefit but you will also bring blessings to your family, friends, community, and Mother Earth and her children!

Please bring a drum and/or rattle, bandanna or blindfold, blanket (in case you get cold), and if possible a pillow, to the in person group meetings. You will receive a copy of any one of the following books and oracles cards by Dr. Farmer of your choosing: Earth Magic, Sacred Ceremony, Animal Spirit Guides (or Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals), Earth Magic Oracle Cards, Power Animal Oracle Cards, or Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards at the first meeting.

You must complete each class in sequence!

(The sequence of items may shift in accord with the needs of the group, but all the topics will be covered)

Workshop Schedule will be as follows (subject to slight changes)

Thursday:  6pm-9pm

Friday:  10am-6pm

Saturday:  10am-6pm

Sunday:  10am-4pm



The shamanic journey is a basis for much of our work together so this initial group meeting will focus on learning and practicing exploratory and divination journeys.

You will learn:
•    the importance of clear intention
•    to soul travel into non-ordinary reality (NOR)
•    to explore the three worlds of NOR are
•    find your main spirit ally for journeying, your power animal
•    how to communicate with tree spirit
•    how to spiritually protect yourself
•    to identify ancestors who are guiding you in this work


Sacred ceremony is another critical important component of shamanism and Earth Magic as well as shamanic divination, where you learn to receive communication from Spirit in many different ways.

In this second meeting you will learn:
•    the important ingredients in any sacred ceremony
•    how to bring forth and enact a ceremony to release obstacles that inhibit the full expression of your life purpose
•    to work with oracle cards as a tool for augmenting your intuition
•    how to fine tune your intuitive skills
•    to discern the difference between the voice of ego and the voice of Spirit
•    how to receive messages from the spirits of nature
•    to dance your power animal
•    to receive your power song


At the level of spirit, there are two major causes of illness: soul loss and spiritual intrusions. The treatments for these are soul retrieval and shamanic extraction.

Building upon the first two workshops, in this workshop you will learn:
•    what soul loss actually means
•    how to discern which lost soul fragment needs to returned
•    the power animal that will guide you in soul retrieval
•    the spirit guide that will assist you with shamanic extraction
•    when your soul came into your body
•    how to do soul calling
•    how to do remote healing and understand why it works
•    to do a shamanic initiation a shamanic initiation in NOR


In this final workshop for the series, you’ll augment what you’ve learned so far with some advanced Earth Magic processes.

Here you will:
•    review your progress to date
•    go through another shamanic initiation
•    bring in your power animal costume and mask
•    journey to find out how to best apply what you’ve learned
•    bring in two case studies of clients you’ve worked with
•    learn how to setup a practice and attract clients
•    identify ethical considerations as an Earth Magic Practitioner
•    learn some tips on writing a book and getting published
•    create a graduation ceremony
•    receive your certification as an Earth Magic® Practitioner

FEE = $1444 or 4 installments of $388.00

Full payment ($108.00 savings)

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